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The Vanhunks Zambezi 12.6' Fishing Kayak was designed and manufactured to be the simplified solution to whether one should take a fishing or recreational Kayak. By combining the best features from both kayak options, we are confident that the Zambezi is the perfect all-rounder. Not only have you got all the features of a recreational and fishing kayak, but the Zambezi can upgrade to a Prop or Fin drive propelled Kayak.

    • Rudder system that can be operated either by foot or handle
    • Rear tank well with bungee storage and accessory rails
    • 4 x Integrated sloping trolling rod holder storage
    • 2 x Integrated sloping forward rod holders
    • Rectangle lockable storage hatch
    • Aluminum mesh seat on sliding rails
    • Square hull maintenance hatch under the seating for easy hull access
    • Side-mounted steering handle for hand control when Fin or Prop drive installed.
    • Accessory rails on the kayak sides.
    • Removeable Toolbox storage replaceable by a Fin or Prop drive
    • Center console hatch for added storage
    • 10 x Scupper plugs for drainage
    • 2 x Side carry handles
    • Integrated carry handle on the stern (back) and bow (front) for easy carrying.
    • Fishfinder scupper port for easy transducer mounting.
    • Transducer protection plate on the bottom of the hull.
    • Length: 384 cm / 12.6 ft
      Width: 85 cm / 33 inches
      Height: 30 cm /  11 inches
      Weight w/out drive:  32 kg /  70 lbs

      Weight with drive: 36 kg / 79 lbs

      Maximum Weight Capacity:  185 kg /  407 lbs

Vanhunks - Zambezi 12.6' Fishing Kayak

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