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Vanhunks Zambezi 10ft Fishing Kayak



Like its bigger brother, the Zambezi 10ft kayak, designed to be  perfect for both the fisherman and recreational paddler, at 10ft in length, it is incredibly agile, quick, and packs a punch taking on both  flat water and open seas with ease.

Manufactured from very tough single rotomolded 5mm Polyethylene, the Zambezi is more than ready to take on nature's elements. The Zambezi  is fitted with a rudder system that can be operated by either the foot pedal system or the hand held control positioned on the side. Under the seat, you will find an access hatch that is easily removable by undoing the four stainless steel screws to maintain the hand held steering mechanism.

At the stern of the Zambezi, there is a large tank well for storing gear, and this has a cross-braced bungee cord to ensure that your equipment stays safely in place. There is an additional toolbox in front of the raised aluminum seating that can mount your fish-finder and easily store your battery pack in the hatch. A scupper port with a 4mm protective cover at the exit point underneath the kayak protects your transducer when mounted on the brass inserts. Once the transducer is mounted, you can run a short line up to the toolbox above, and this will  keep the deck neat and free of long cables allowing you more space to fish and paddle.

Should you wish to free up your hands while paddling, there is the option to remove the toolbox and replace it with a Fin or Prop Drive system.  With the Fin or Prop Drive installed, your hands can get busy casting out a lure or simply snapping a great picture on your phone or camera.  At the bow of the Zambezi, there is an additional hatch that is perfect  for stowing your anchor or safety equipment. This hatch has cross-braced  bungee reinforcement to secure and safeguard your equipment.

If fishing is your game, the Zambezi will be perfect with its four integrated sloping rod holders. There are two mounted behind the  aluminum seating, and these are angled perfectly for trolling lures behind you as you paddle. In addition, there are two additional integrated rod holders in front of the seat that is great for changing lures, adding bait, or simply placing rods with lines down for bottom fishing.

Throughout the deck, there are ten scupper plug points, and these  assist with the drainage of any excess water that may try to accumulate from rain or sea spray. Pull out the plugs, and the water will drain allowing you to have a dry working area. Mounted in front of the seating on both sides of the kayak are accessory rails. These are great for mounting extra rod holders or additional navigational equipment.

On the Zambezi, there are carry handles that assist with the loading and moving of the kayak. In addition, there is a carry handle on either side of the kayak, helping the paddler with entry and exit and controlling the kayak when launching. On the bow and stern of the Zambezi there are additional carry handles, and these are perfect for loading and unloading the kayak.





  • 1  Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The  shaft  made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in hand grips,  and  PVC anti-drip rings and paddle leash
  • Swivel Rod Holder w/attachment
  • Rudder controlled for better tracking on open water
  • Handheld and foot pedal steering options
  • Stern tank well with a cross-braced bungee cord to safeguard your gear.
  • Integrated Sloping trolling rod holders x 2
  • Integrated sloping rod holders x 2
  • Raised aluminum seating mounted on an adjustable sliding rail
  • Accessory rails for additional mountings
  • Toolbox for storage
  • Scupper plugs for excess water drainage.
  • Bow Storage hatch with bungee cording for extra security
  • Carry handles on the sides for carrying
  • Bow and stern carry handles for loading and transport
  • Scupper port with perforated 4mm nylon cover for transducer mounting.




Length: 305 cm / 10 ft
Width: 80 cm / 32 inches
Height:  30 cm / 11 inches

Weight w/out drive:  28 kg /  61.5 lbs

Weight with drive: 33 kg / 72.5 lbs

 Maximum Weight Capacity:  185 kg / 407 lbs



Vanhunks - Zambezi 10' Fishing Kayak

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