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 Now easier than ever thanks to the scupper poles, you can quickly load  your kayak, or canoe, on the H-frame device at your vehicle and pull it  over grass, gravel, and tar with ease. We can’t think of any terrain,  even uneven, our trolley wheels won’t be able to handle with a breeze. 



All Terrain
Use your Vanhunks kayak scupper dolly across even or uneven grass, sand, or tar surfaces to get you to the water with ease and comfort.

Vanhunks kayak scupper dolly features hard plastic wheels that won’t puncture or deflate, meaning it’s low maintenance and hassle-free. One  less thing for you to worry about as you get ready to head out for your day on the water.

Quick And Easy
Assembling your Vanhunks Adjustable Scupper Kayak Dolly is as easy as sliding the wheels on and securing them with the latch rings and  lynchpins. When you’re done, pull the pin and slide the wheels off.


  • H-frame shape
  • Aluminum frame
  • Adjustable width
  • Max capacity 68kg



Shipping weight is 8lbs and max capacity of the Vanhunks kayak dolly is 150lbs.

Wheels are hard plastic, and adjustable poles to fit the scupper plugs with a scupper hole distance of between 26-42cm.




  • 2x Round, pump-free hard plastic wheels
  • 1x Vanhunks Scupper Kayak Dolly

Vanhunks Scupper Dolly

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