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The Orca 13’0 is our largest and most versatile tandem and solo fishing kayak. Unrivaled with all its characteristics: spacious, versatile, easily maneuverable, accelerating, adaptable, responsive, stable, and straight tracking are just a few of the characteristics to use when describing this predator.

Our goal was to create a most versatile vessel and after spending more than two years in research and development, we are happy to present our market with this beast.

Orca’s seating diversity makes it great for fishing on all kinds of water as it easily adapts to both solo and tandem seating. In tandem mode, both adjustable aluminium seats are fitted onto adjustable slider tracks to ensure a comfortable position without much effort.

The Aluminum seats are spacious and raised, ensuring you are not going to get soaked by any spray water pooling in the seating area. With ample room to move around, entry and exit is easy and so is gear access. Recline your seat for a laid back paddle position, or secure it more upright for moments when you need to dash forward quickly.

The Orca features hull technology that combines all its most significant aspects throughout the entire design, making for ultimate performance in multiple water environments. In addition to a flat platform in the deck area for standing and freedom of movement, the Orca boasts state-of-the-art outfitting, which includes expansive rails and a multitude of storage choices. A one-handed rudder control next to the back paddler allows for easy maneuvering. 


  • 2 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft is made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings
  • Large rear and front storage with bungee
  • 2 Small round storage hatches
  • 2 Deluxe adjustable aluminum seat
  • 4 Accessory track rail
  • 4 Integrated fishing rod holders
  • 2 Swivel rod holders
  • 4 Molded-in tacklebox holders
  • 1 Drain plug
  • 10 Drainage holes with scupper plugs
  • 1 Cupholder
  • 1 Fishfinder compartment (fishfinder not included)
  • 2 Adjustable footrests


Length: 395 cm / 13 ft
Width: 90 cm / 35 inches
Height: 35 cm / 13 inches
Weight: 37 kg / 81 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity: 280 kg / 617 lbs

Vanhunks Orca 13' Tandem

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