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Our  Bait livewell tank is here to help you bring your A-game to the water.  Not only does using strong swimming live bait from an oxygenated  livewell tank brings down your running costs and allows for financial saving, you also up your chances of filling your hatch with a much more  enticing live lure that does most of the work in the water for you, freeing up your time and energy even more.




  • 6-Volt battery compartment
  • High flow self-priming pump
  • 2x Cylinder rod holders
  • Adjustable webbed straps with latch clips
  • Bungee cord securing the battery compartment
  • 1x Plastic carry handle
  • Free flow water channels beneath unit
  • Easy access, water tight power box



Live Tankwell Dimensions:
Length: 51cm / 20″
Width: 43cm / 16″
Depth: 34cm / 13″

Tankwell Material:
5mm polyethene plastic



Pull the release valve to drain the water, rinse the inside with some fresh water, and store out of the sun.

Vanhunks Bait Live Well

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