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Keep Your Sub Safe

On a boat, in the sand, tailgating, camping, hunting, picnics, & even in the break room. 

SubSafe can go with you anywhere! 


Built to Protect

Waterproof, crushproof, and it floats. +DRY STORAGE

SubSafe is made from BPA free plastic making it both safe and strong.


Does one SubSafe accommodate both a 6" and 12" sub?

Yes! We engineered SubSafe to work for both sandwich sizes. This also allows you to eat half now, half later.

Is SubSafe waterproof?

Yes! SubSafe is watertight. When the ice in the cooler melts, we got you covered.

Is SubSafe BPA FREE?

Yes! It is made from Polypropylene (#5) plastic, the same plastic used to make baby bottles.

Is SubSafe dishwasher safe?

Yes! Load it up on the top rack.

Will my sandwich get soggy?

We like to operate under the common sense rule of thumb here. If  you load your sub down with vegetables and condiments, it won’t matter  what you do, it’s going to get soggy. For this reason, we suggest  getting vegetables and condiments on the side.

Will my sandwich get crushed while in the container?

No! SubSafe is made of a thick quality plastic that won’t bend  under pressure. Go ahead and throw that case of beer in the cooler too.

Does SubSafe float?

Yes! In the tragic event that your SubSafe goes man overboard, it will float until you can return it to safety inside the boat.

How else can I use my SubSafe?

We strategically designed each side of SubSafe to have flattened  ends so they can be used as cups. The smallest piece is even the perfect  size for a kids drink or your favorite chips.

Can I use my SubSafe as dry storage?

Yes! After you have finished your sub, load it up with everything  you don't want to get wet. Phones, keys, tickets to the game or race,  etc.

When will I use my SubSafe?

Boating, tailgating, at the beach, camping, hunting, picnics,  NASCAR races, concerts, etc. Imagine how many more subs you would  consume if you knew they would always be safe! Don't like the thought of  your coworkers touching your food? This is a break room must-have!    

SubSafe Combo

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