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Fixed Dock Seahorse Docking Launch and Stow Dock Lift


Mounts to: Fixed Docks / Sea Walls / Bulk Heads / Pilings
Seahorse Launch and stow allows for everything to float including the access ladder. Perfect launch height at any water level. Built for one or two  light crafts, our launch and stow remains virtually barnacle free. Our access ladder with fold up rungs allows for safe access during high tide.  The second swing down ladder (optional) remains out of the water until you need  it, keeping it barnacle and algae free.

Seahorse Docking Launch and Stow Dock Lifts

SKU: 366615376135191
PriceFrom $2,999.00
  • Installation fees are $275 - $375 determined by distance (up to 100 miles one way). Includes assembly, installation, travel and additional hardware. Any dock reconstruction necessary to accomodate lift is owner's responsibility.

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