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The Lunker Snatcher floating net is designed for quick access and quick releases. It has a compact handle that can fit in most kayak rod holders. The large 16" opening and 18" net depth can hold a variety of fish types. The flat bottom net interior provides quick access to the fish. The Lunker Snatcher Floating Fishing Net is made of lightweight and highly visible materials. The short handle makes it easily maneuverable and perfect for kayak fishing and wading. The rubber-coated nylon netting helps prevent snagged hooks, improving the overall fishing experience. Spend more time fishing and less time dealing with frustrating snagged hooks. The Lunker Snatcher Floating Fishing Net can be secured to waders or belt loops with the included tether and clip. Keep your hands free and your net handy. Having your net handy helps assist with landing more fish.

NET DIMENSIONS - 16" Wide Opening, 18" Net Depth, 28" Length

  • Large uniquely designed non-snag rubber net
  • Floating net with flexible cord and clip
  • Hi-Visibility Line Cutterz Green and Black
  • Flat bottom net interior for quick access to fish
  • Compact handle takes up less space than conventional nets
  • Perfect for wade fishing and kayak fishing

Pro Fish Gear Lunker Snatcher Floating Net

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