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Our Kayak and Product Brand Philosophy

We at Bare Naked Kayaks are a small husband and wife operation. We have chosen our way of doing business for a few reasons. One, we are in retirement years and we wanted to do something we can enjoy doing together as well as bring in a source of income. We personally believe in supporting other small and family owned businesses. So when we were looking for kayaks and

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All in the family

products for our business we chose other small and family owned companies. In doing so we have been truly blessed. Two, we didn't want the business to consume every hour of every day, although some days it seems that way. But in reality we are still free to enjoy life together and still be available for our customers to provide a product that they can use to enjoy their in lives as well.

Unlike other kayak retailers, who have many brands to choose from, we decided to only carry and promote one brand of kayaks. We looked for a brand that had the features, benefits, and quality that we would want to invest in, and at an affordable price. We want to sell a brand that we truly believe in, not have all the brands just to make a sale. We know that our product may not have everything that everyone wants, but that is OK. We believe if we have a high quality product with an affordable price then more people can get out and enjoy the adventure of kayaking. We are not the cheapest, but, neither are we the most expensive. The brand we chose is versatile, it can be used as just a simple paddling kayak or it can be dressed out to become a technical fishing kayak. They can be pedaled, paddled, motorized or a combination thereof. One kayak with many options. No need to purchase more than one to accommodate the different activities you may choose to participate in. In our original search, we found a large company that distributed many brands and were going to choose one. To be honest it was a bit of a nightmare to deal with them and we stopped pursuing them. That's when we decided the big corporations were not the way for us. All things happen for a reason. That is when we turned to look for another brand and we found Vanhunks Boarding USA. The Cochrane family brought this brand of product to the US and are the distributor for this part of the world. We went to their location and they welcomed us with open arms. They are family owned and operated. They are growing and becoming a big player in the kayaking world, but, they are still run with the family mentality. We not only love the product line, we love working with their family to grow our little dealership.

We just came across another type of small watercraft and decided we would expand just a bit. It is not a kayak, as we still only want to offer the one line for all of the above reasons. This is a motorized inflatable, so in no way is it in competition with our line of kayaks. It's just different. It is round and can be used a couple different ways. It's like adult bumper boats, for trolling down the rivers, springs or around the lakes. It can also be taken out into the salt water environment in the calmer areas. They even have a fishing version. New on the market and taking the market by storm. The GoBoat 2.0 is an amazing and fun adventure to be enjoyed by many. This company too, is family owned and operated. They have also embraced us and we now have an amazing working relationship with them. We are truly blessed to have been put in front of the perfect opportunities to grow our business.

The two above companies are our big ticket items. Our accessory products are no different, all started as, and most still are, family run companies. Adventure Canopies, YakGadget, SubSafe, TopKnot, and a few other accessory companies to name a few. For all of those you will have to check out our website. We are grateful for all of these product lines for giving the little people the opportunity to grow.

Small businesses supporting other small businesses, it is the way it is supposed to be. Small business has been and will always be the backbone of this Country. In all areas of our life we try to do business with the local family owned operations, it is not always 100% possible but we do more often than not. Find one and promote it.....

Our brand philosophy is to find products that we truly believe in and share them with our customers, not have a bunch of brands on the shelves just to make the sale. We are old school and believe in customer service. Hey, we even answer our own phones....

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