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Kayak Sales & Accessories

Get The Best Kayaks & Accessories For Your Next Adventure
Please call ahead to be sure we are on the property, we would hate for you to show up and us be out running errands or doing a demo.

Man on a kayak enjoying the paddle.
Three fishing kayaks waiting to launch.
Man and child cruising on the water.
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Relaxing on the River

Kayaks Are What We Do

It’s important for us to carry a good selection of kayaks in the brand we have chosen and the brands of accessories so that everyone who comes into our shop can find what they’re looking for. We carry top name brands, including the very popular and globally renowned Vanhunks Boarding USA Kayaks, GoBoat, YakGadget, YakGear, Sharkbanz, SubSafe, Line-Cutterz, Amped Outdoors Batteries, YakPower electrical connections and accessories, and many more. We will be adding other accessories in time.

Our Kayak Sales

We do sit-on-top kayaks and accessories, that’s it. Well not quite it, as we have added an inflatable motorized boat, it is called 

The GoBoat. Check out the GoBoat page to see the amazingly fun and functional inflatable watercraft. So, we do kayaks and everything kayak AND GoBoats. So, whether you’re a weekend warrior or able to launch any day at your leisure, we are the kayak sales dealer for you! Do you love to fish, we have fishing kayaks for sale and accessories for that. Do you like to just take a leisurely paddle and enjoy the serenity, we have a kayak for that. OR do you enjoy spending the day on the water with the option to casually paddle and the option to pedal too, well, we have a kayak for that as well. Oh, we even have an option to motorize most of our models, does it get any better than that? Options are the reason it is better to own your own. We offer a bare-naked kayak that you can dress to suit your individual needs. Check out our Products page to see our kayak and fishing accessories, then give us a call us to come see how we can outfit a kayak just for you!


As we grow our events schedule, we want to hold regular events where you can come and test out the kayaks we carry before choosing the one for you. We will also be at local outdoor markets to show what we have and answer questions you may have. Our business model is to be where the people are as often as we can. You are also welcome to call  to come and see us at our home base to see what we have to offer when we are not out in the community, there will be plenty of opportunities for both.  As our kayak community grows, we will have days that we can all meet up, bring your kayak and we’ll do a group paddle just to enjoy the day. Call and talk to Rob or Susan, we are here for you!

The Legend

Vanhunks was a Dutch pirate and explorer extraordinaire. Legend has it he retired to the Cape of Good Hope near the tip of Africa to smoke his days away on a mountain overlooking the ocean. Old Vanhunks had an encounter with a stranger dressed in a black coat and a wide-brimmed hat. The stranger turned out to be the Devil, and Vanhunks was challenged to a smoking duel to see who could smoke the other into a stupor.

Everyone knew that no one could out smoke old Vanhunks.
But the Devil, he tried. He tried with all his might to puff and drag his opponent to waste. But Vanhunks beat the Devil that day. And the Devil was a devilishly lousy loser. Losing made him furious. So he summoned up tremendous thunderbolts and frightening lightning and drove Vanhunks off into the tempestuous sunset.

Old Vanhunks was never seen again, but the puffy clouds of his billowing smoke fest return to that mountain now and again when the kite wind blows, and his legend lives on in quite a poignant way.

His legend also lives on in what we do. His competitive spirit, and his pursuit of victory over the elements, and triumph over challenges – those qualities drive what we do at Vanhunks Boarding every day.

Vanhunks pirate

Some of Our Brands

Vanhunks brand name logo
Bixpy motors for kayaks
Amped Outdoors Batteries logo
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Adventure Canopies logo
Boat Gadget Tool
YakGadget logo
GoBoat company logo
Three fishing kayaks sitting on a shore line.

Individual Attention - No Pressure Shopping Experiences

Shopping Options

Our main show area is located on our three acres in Spring Hill, FL. We will also be showing at markets, festivals and events with our mobile showroom. Please contact us when you want to come by the property and let us share with you all of our kayak and accessory options.

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Hours For Shopping

Call to be sure we are on site!

Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm
Sun: By Appointment only


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